Open Source Flutter WhatsApp Clone UI.


A WhatsApp UI Clone specially made for those starting out with Flutter. Source code properly documented. Although an understanding of dart and basic flutter concepts is needed. Head to to get started.



It teaches you about using flutter nested widgets, control structures, model classes, creating and retrieving data from a data source (List)/ Handling Ui while waiting for a data source to load, Listview, and specifically doing alot with the ListTile class.

Making it easy to get started creating beautiful UI with flutter. If you notice a lot of the different components of the app is reusable.

You can download Flutter WhatsApp Clone on Github here

Our next app has less of that and explores a lot more concepts like abstract classes, slivers etc. And is available here. Flutter Twiiter Clone


7 Thoughts to “Flutter Whatsapp UI Clone”

  1. Thanks for this … Can you do something along the lines of a bank mobile app? Something that can handle purchase of services and transfer of funds with flutter? If yes I would suggest you put up a demo

    1. Hi.
      “Along the lines of a bank app”. I already have something along that line, but its not for demo.
      However if you mean you would like content on APIs. I can assure you that will come sooner than latter. Thanks.

  2. Faith Odonghanro says:

    Heard about flutter, but what wasn’t really interested, seeing this has spurred me up. Cool stuff man.

    1. Hi Faith.
      This is awesome. Glad I could help.

  3. how to start if i want to edit the flutter script (i was download Flutter WhatsApp Clone on your Github link), thank you

    1. Hello Fanny. Nice to know you find it useful. To be able to edit the script or any other flutter project, just download an IDE eg; Android studio Download Here, or Visual Studio code Download Here and open the project with it.

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